Top 5 Best Portable Generator for RV Camping

For those of you who are looking for the best portable generator to power your RV, look no further. We have put together a list of the top 5 generators that will work well for your camper. These generators will ensure that you have enough power during camping trips so you can enjoy all the amenities without worrying about running out of power!

Below, you will find our list of Top 5 Inverter generators to help you narrow down the best option for your specific needs.

Each review will contain a list of pros and cons and a carefully detailed description in an effort to quickly identify which product best suits your needs.

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Weight Peak Wattage Efficiency Tank Capacity Noise Level (dB)
Westinghouse iGen4500 93 lbs Gas: 4500W Gas: 18 hrs (25% Load) 3.4 Gal 52 dB
Pulsar G2319N 47 lbs Gas: 2300W Gas: 4.8 hrs (50% Load) 1.18 Gal 59 dB
Westinghouse WGen5300 131 lbs Gas: 6600W Gas: 11 hrs (50% Load) 4.7 Gal 68 dB
Champion 200961 39 lbs Gas: 2500W Gas: 12 hrs (25% Load) 1.1 Gal 53 dB
WEN 56380i 99 lbs Gas: 3800W Gas: 8.5 hrs (50% Load) 2.2 Gal 57 dB

  • Quietest of Top 5
  • LED Readout
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Messy Oil fill

The iGen4500 is the perfect generator for all of your RV needs. It is great because it has a telescoping handle for easy portable carrying, a rotary digital display to show what percentage fuel you have left and how much power output the generator puts out so no more guessing on fuel efficiency or strength of build.

Plus, with its extremely quiet operation as low as 52 decibels, staying outside will be bearable! Especially unlike those other noisy generators where you can’t even hear yourself think. And last but not least- this beast will fire up an 18 hour long run time on just 3.4 gallons of gas!

Pulsar G2319N

  • Reliable Construction
  • Some Buyers Reported a Whinny Noise

The Pulsar G2319N is the RV enthusiast’s go-to for pure, safe electrical power on the go. Available in a suitcase design with convenient size and portability, the G2319N weighs less than 47 lbs. Powering up to 4.8 hours at Half Load on 1.18 gallons of fuel, this generator can offer peace of mind when you’re away from home.
The reliable sine WAVE Technology produces a clean signal that works well with all sensitive electronics – powering and charging laptops, cell phones, or other devices at your leisure.

Westinghouse WGen5300

  • Highest Wattage of Top 5
  • Largest Fuel Tank of Top 5
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Great Price to Power Ratio
  • Loudest of Top 5
  • Heaviest of Top 5
  • No Auto Choke

Westinghouse offers a great generator for those who value quality and efficiency. The Westinghouse WGen5300 is equipped with features that make it ideal for any type of RV. With an easy to use volt switch, a long-lasting cast iron sleeve, an automatic low oil shutdown, and a digital display meter—its user-friendly design will keep you running smoothly from LA to Boston!

Is this generator too large for your needs? Check out the Westinghouse iGen2200.

Champion 200951

  • Lightest of Top 5
  • EZ Start Dial
  • Smallest Fuel Tank of Top 5

Forget about lugging that heavy 8000-watt generator all over the place, this 2500 watt inverter is exactly what you need. And while it’s versatile enough to work with either gasoline or propane, its lightweight design makes operating your Portable Generator a snap! 

So whether you’re looking for the extra power to charge your devices or to turn on some lights on your trip, don’t be fooled by its modest size; with up to 11.5 hours run time and 2500 watts of electricity, no job will ever be too big for this Champion powerhouse.

WEN 56380i

  • Easy Oil Change
  • Collapsible handle
  • Dim Multi Meter
  • No Monitor of Total Run Time

The WEN 56380i is an RV-specific generator, designed to fit the needs of RVs. The product includes a Fuel shutoff maximizes the lifespan of your generator by making sure you’re tapping out anything left in the tank before it shuts down. It also includes two three-prong 120V receptacles with one 125 V twist lock outlet that’s specially grounded for sensitive electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There is also a digital load and fuel display for convenient statistics.

How Much Power Does an RV Need?

The minimum wattage needed for the average RV is 2000. But there are many different appliances unique to every owner. The most reliable way to know for sure how much wattage you need is by taking the voltage of your appliance and multiplying it with the hertz. This will give you the total watts. Adding up all the wattage will give you how big your generator needs to be.


If you’re looking to take your RV on a trip, make sure that you have the right generator for the job. We provide an overview of different types of generators and their features in our guide so that you can find one that will work best for your needs. Whether it is light or heavy duty power requirements, we hope this article has helped equip you with some great information about what type of generator might be best for your situation. Happy travels!

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