Top 5 Best Water Filters for Emergency Filtration

The world can be unpredictable at times, but one thing you can always rely on is disaster striking eventually – whether it be from natural causes or an act of terrorism. In those moments where clean drinking water isn’t available, it’s important to have a reliable water filter, one that can thoroughly filter out any type of sediment or bacteria. Our options below range in price and features. Making it easier to narrow down which option is best for you. Enjoy!

Each review will contain a list of pros and cons and a carefully detailed description in an effort to quickly identify which product best suits your needs.

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Amount per Hour Weight Filter Types Type of Purifier
CL4A3058-Edit-1_1024x1024 PortaWell 40-60 Gal 15 lbs Carbon, Ceramic, Sediment Electric
Outback 2 Gal 7 lbs Multi Media, Nano Filter Gravity
Berkey Big Berkey 1.8 Gal 7.35 lbs Charcoal Gravity
OIP.IeRHW241gXYXcnbRXxRjzAAAAA Katadyn 15 Gal 1.25 lbs Carbon Hand pump

  • 10X Faster than any other model
  • Large capacity filters
  • Easy electric Filtration

    Engineered to provide the cleanest water in emergencies, the PortaWell filters up to 10X faster than any other unit on the market.

    With its revolutionary design, the PortaWell replaces the need for large storage tanks of water and can produce an incredible 40-60 gallons per hour. PortaWell comes with three filter types – sediment, carbon, and ceramic. The combination of these three filters will enable you to remove 99.99% of all pathogenic bacteria and 100% of cysts.

    On the PortaWell website, you have access to helpful How-to guides, walking you through every step. To power the PortaWell, there are two options. You can remotely power it with a 12-volt battery, making for an easy portable solution. Or for a more convenient option, you can simply plug it into a household outlet with the power adapter. Making for easy, no effort filtration. And finally, with PortaWell’s compact and lightweight design, you can go anywhere with the assurance that you will have water.

    Outback Emergency Water Filter

    • Includes a pre-filter net
    • Bulky

    Don’t let an emergency get the upper hand! Be prepared by stocking up with an Outback Emergency Water Filter. You never know when disaster will strike, but chances are it’ll be sudden. When this happens, you can rely on your best friend – The Outback Emergency water filter. It produces 20-24 gallons per day for drinking or cooking needs and is powerful enough to filter 1,800 gallons of water before you have to replace the filter. Be ready for anything with the Outback!

    Big Berkey Water Filter

    • Compact
    • Easy Construction
    • Slowest Filtration of the Top 5

    The Big Berkey is a great choice for when emergencies happen. With two Black Berkey filters, it’s able to provide plenty of water for medium-sized families of one to four people in need. Capable of storing up to 2.25 gallons at once, this little guy won’t take up too much space and still provides plentyful disaster relief with its ability to filter out viruses and bacteria from any water source. With the Big Berkey, you don’t have to worry when your next drink of clean water will be.

    Katadyn Water Filter

    • Very Portable
    • Strong Metal Frame
    • Manual Pumping

    Katadyn water filters are used worldwide for their reliability in all sorts of environments. The round easy-to-use handle allows you to stay hydrated on the go, while the ultralight construction makes it perfect to store with you without weighing your pack down. This compact filter will come in handy during emergency situations thanks to its ability to remove all microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns, thus providing safe drinking water no matter what catastrophe may befall you!

    What to look for when buying a water filter

    When buying a water filter, you will notice that each choice comes with a host of unique features and styles. It can be tough to narrow down which one is right for you. This section will go over the most important features that you should look for when investing in a water filter.


    When buying a water filter it is crucial to see what type of filter it has and if it will filter out your kind of bacteria and sediment. Before buying a filter, check what kind of things you need to be filtered out. If you need to drink out of a muddy pond, try to find an option with a reliable sediment filter. If you need to filter out microorganisms and certain types of bacteria, make sure you get a thorough bacteria filter. It is important to know what situation you will use it in. The PortaWell is a great option if you are concerned about filtering. It goes through many different filters so that your water can be cleaner than clean. It is also electric powered so it is practically instantaneous.


    Weight is also a big thing to consider. Most filters don’t weigh more than 20 lbs. But that is a lot of weight if you are carrying it in a backpack. Again consider how you would use it. The Katadyn is a great option because of how portable it is. You can fit it in your pocket and have clean water anywhere. But also consider that a filter that small may not filter out everything that you want. Or if you just want a stable filter for your bug out kit, it would probably be worth it to invest in a bigger model with more filters. 


    When you’re in an emergency situation, whether it be natural or man-made, the last thing you want to worry about is how to access clean water. Luckily there are some great options available for portable water filters that can purify almost any source of water and have long lasting parts. We recommend one of our top picks above based on your needs so click through now while they last! Thanks for stopping by!

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