Top 5 Most Reliable Generators

The ability to provide electricity is essential for many of our daily lives. Whether it’s powering your home, running a business, or providing light and warmth during an emergency power outage, generators are a crucial piece of equipment. However, there is always a fear that your generator will fail when you need it most. In this list, we have compiled 5 of the most trustworthy and reliable generators on the market. So you can rest easy next time you require your generator.

Below we will walk you through the Top 5 Options and provide detailed descriptions to help make an easy decision.

Each review will contain a list of pros and cons and a carefully detailed description to help make a smooth and easy decision. In doing so you will easily find out what product best suits you.

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Weight Peak Wattage Efficiency Tank Capacity Noise Level (db)
Westinghouse iGen4500 98 lbs 4500W (Gasoline) (25% Load) 18hrs (Gasoline) 3.4 Gal 52 db
Champion 201052 119 lbs 4750W (Gasoline) 4275W (Propane) (25% Load) 10hrs (Propane) 14 hrs (Gasoline) 3.4 Gal 68 db
WEN 56203i 39 lbs 2000W (Gasoline) (50% Load) 7hrs (Gasoline) 1 Gal 51 db
Westinghouse WGen9500DF 220 lbs 12500W (Gasoline) 11200W (Propane) (50% Load) 7 hrs (Propane) 8 hrs (Gasoline) 6.6 Gal 75 db
Champion 100813 199.1 lbs 9375W (Gasoline) (50% Load) 8 hrs (Gasoline) 5.7 Gal 74 db

  • Very Fuel Efficient
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Helpful LED Readout

    Meet the Westinghouse iGen4500. 3700 rated watts and 4500 peak watts enable this generator to power some of your larger appliances. The telescoping handle provides quick and easy portability while the electric start allows hands-free use. The Westinghouse also includes a digital display to see its gas status, power output, remaining run time, voltage output, and lifetime hours.

    And it’s super quiet too! We’ll only get 52 decibels from this generator when running at full capacity. It can be powered for over 18 hours with a 3.4 gallon tank! In addition–this generator includes remote start capability with an added key fob for complete control over your electrical usage.

    Champion 201052

    • Built in Volt Guard
    • Cold Start Technology
    • Less Fuel Efficient than Most Modules

    This rugged and reliable portable generator is heavy duty, easy to operate, and simple enough for anyone-even first time users. With an 14 hour run time on a full tank of gas and 10.5 hours with propane, the Champion 201052 portable generator has plenty of power for your needs. And if you’re ever in need, don’t worry – Champion offers free technical support 24/7 from dedicated experts who can help guide you through any problem!

    WEN 56203i

    • Lightweight and Compact
    • Produces Clean Power (Best for electronics)
    • Small Fuel Tank Compared to Larger Modules

    The WEN 56203i gives you the power to keep your sensitive electronics safe, even when out in the wild. It conveniently weighs less than 40 pounds and has a surge of 2000 watts with 1700 rated watts of clean power-giving you the reliability you need to charge your devices wherever there is a need. And just in case, its fuel shutoff maximizes this generator’s lifespan so that it’ll be ready to go for years and years.

    Westinghouse WGen9500DF

    • Durable Frame
    • Provides Ample Power
    • Large Fuel Tank
    • Loud and Heavy Compared to Smaller Modules

    The Westinghouse WGen9500DF is a reliable and portable generator. This generator has not only been tested for power output, but also safety features. Especially crucial are 4-stroke engine which provides quieter performance than 2-stroke engines, the low oil shutdown feature will keep this generator in tip-top shape. The system displays voltage output, frequency and hours on its VFT display so you know what your generators stats at all times! With two common household outlet receptacles you can plug anything into it with ease!

    Champion 100813

    • Includes Champion’s Intelligauge


      Add power to your home with the Champion 100813. This generator is loaded with features, including a 420cc Champion engine and cold start technology that guarantees it easily starting in cold weather. Plus, it includes a battery-included electric start featuring a reliable toggle switch.

      Trust this 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts generator for any need you may have. This generator also has an Intelligauge which tracks voltage, hertz and efficiency ratings on its gauges so you can easily monitor any changes over time and anticipate what your upcoming needs might be.

      Why are reliable generators helpful?

      Generators are a great tool to have in the event of blackouts, natural disasters, and so much more. But what’s even better is knowing that they will keep running when you need them most! With so many generators out there failing at some point or other, this list was created as an easy resource for those looking for trustworthy models still being put through rigorous testing procedures before hitting shelves nationwide – ensuring dependability and performance every time your Generator turns on.


      To make your selection easier, we have put together a list of the best generators on the market today. These are great for blackouts, rural living, and power-related tasks that require electricity to complete successfully. We hope you find this information helpful when making your decision about which generator is right for you or if you’re in need of one now! Good luck and happy shopping!

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